Our Clients

The majority of our clients are based in the London and South Eastern regions, some of which have other national and international sites.

All of our clients came to us looking for service with a personal touch. They found that many IT support providers lack an understanding of the processes that drive their business forward. Our goal is to integrate with our client’s staff, become part of the culture and improve confidence in their IT.

We are a technology-led company so we are not limited the type of business we support. If you are a small startup looking for some basic support or a medium sized business looking for day-to-day maintenance and IT management, Agilis Technical Services are here to help.

Client Statements

Over the past 12 months Agilis have become an integral part of the team at OLS. They have provided a level of support that has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best whilst knowing that IT systems are all in the safest possible hands. The support we have had has extended from front line IT support through to advice on how to optimise our cloud-based systems and processes, onboarding as well as support on RFPs. All in all, Agilis has been, and continues to be an invaluable part of our organisation and are a pleasure to work with.

Corin Fogarty (Founder)

I have worked with Ian and Will for over 15 years in several roles in the Marketing Services sector. We formally appointed Agilis at Mr President in 2016 and the team have consistently provided outstanding service, not only on day-to-day support and advice, but on major projects such as office relocation and ensuring we were fully operational following an office fire with 24 hours. They are continually striving to add value and I have full confidence in their abilities to deliver an effective overall IT solution that suits our business requirements. Most importantly they are fun to work with and are genuinely part of the Mr P team.

Chris Hills (Finance Director)

We’ve worked with Agilis for a number of years now, and I couldn’t recommend them more as an IT partner. They provide a level of support that’s adaptable to our needs, always ready to help and thoroughly nice chaps. The gap between them and our team is wafer thin.

Warren Hutchinson (Found & Chief Experience Officer)

We started working with Agilis as our IT support partner back in June 2021 and it has revolutionised our IT. Not only are they essential to the day to day running of our business, fixing issues and troubleshooting, efficiently, and with good humour; they have taken our IT infrastructure to another level. They are proactive and thoughtful, always looking for opportunities to enhance our use of IT whether this is improving efficiency, security, or productivity. They have become an integral part of our team and manage the demands of a set of mostly remote workers seamlessly.

Andy De Groose (Finance and Operations Partner)

Agilis have been with us through thick and thin. They care about forming deep- rooted partnerships with their clients and their rigger and attention to detail has always given us the utmost of confidence that we are always in safe hands. If you are looking for an IT Partner that will do as they’re told and tick boxes, Agilis aren’t for you. If you want an IT Partner who cares about the growth of your business and the role that IT plays in under-pinning that, then Agilis will help you on your journey in more ways than you expect.

Nick Armitage (Managing Partner)

Agilis have supported us well over the past two years. As a small PR agency in central London, the team understood our requirements immediately and have since been great at proactively suggesting intuitive ways to help solve our tech and IT problems before they could become problematic.   Reactively they are quick to act on any request, no matter how urgent, making us feel well supported and the team’s professional and friendly demeanour has been a pleasure to work with. Would absolutely recommend!

Callum McLellan-Attfield (Marketing & Communications Director)

Agilis have been an extension of our business and great at supporting our IT needs.

Savvas Constantinides (Chief Technical Officer)

We have worked with Agilis since 2014, when Southstudio relocated from a shared office environment to our own space. Prior to that our IT infrastructure had been held together by sticky tape and our default was 'bodging' our way through. We knew we were wasting time and money on our outmoded set up but did not know how to go about the process of change. Ian was able to understand the nature of our business very quickly and efficiently, and how an effective IT infrastructure could support and enhance everything we did. From a standing start, Agilis was able to assess options and clearly provide us with fully costed options, including pros and cons of each. A site-specific server and workstations were ordered and loaded without break in business, and a series of software and security upgrades managed with skill and tact from by Agilis team. Thereafter, a monthly day on site helped staff air any issues and deal with practical issues in a way that instilled confidence that everything IT related was being taken good care of.

Patrick Bankhead (Managing Director)

We have been using Agilis for our IT support and maintenance since 2018. They have been brilliant at supporting us across all of our IT areas, from buying our hardware, installing software, setting up systems and platforms to sorting out weird and wonderful tech glitches that seem like huge issues (for us Luddites) and all solved with a great amount of patience and good humour.

The service is super personal, they have got to know our systems and ways of working and are able to remote in and solve issues before they become bigger problems.

We are a small agile team of recruiters and if our IT is down, it can be business critical, they are great at prioritising urgent requests and go out of their way to get us back on track as soon as they possibly can.

Highly recommend these guys *****

Melissa Smith (Managing Director / Founder)

As a fast paced, growing company we needed an IT company (Agilis Technical Services) to keep up with our varied and often short notice requests. Agilis was recommended to us and have now been working closely with them for over four years.

We are very happy with the service they provide! The team have always been and continue to be highly professional, efficient and friendly but above all complete the work to the highest standards of quality and go above and beyond to make sure there aren’t any disruptions to our business.

Lisa Walker (CEO)

Agilis has been an essential investment for us as part of our IT support package to our employees.

As a small and time impoverished charity covering three counties in the south of England, we rely on community-based volunteers to deliver our service to domestic abuse victims. The volunteers and staff require technical support 'in the moment' to safely use IT equipment and software remotely from their own homes and satellite locations, we struggled with this historically and this posed a risk to the continued expansion of our organisation.

We have found employing a company such as Agilis to become this resource has been much more responsive, reliable, and cost effective for our team than relying on intermittent support from volunteers or friends of friends. Our manager is spending less time 'skill searching' in a reactive way to IT problems and our procedures for performing online or digital tasks have streamlined using the guidance of specialist support technicians from the Agilis team. We understand a lot more about the equipment we are using day to day and have been empowered over time to also tackle some of the small IT challenges for ourselves.